Copy & Paste My Exact Massage Social Media Ads And Rebooking Scripts To Start Getting Booked Out Months In Advance, As Well As Get Paid What You're Worth As A Massage Therapist, Salon Or Clinic Owner In 2024.
(Even with the problems caused by Covid)...
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Hi, It's Kurt Here...
...Or as I like to call myself - 'The Accidental Massage Marketing Expert' (And I'll explain why in a second),

I'm going to share a funny story of how I "cracked the code" to online massage advertising.

The story isn't really a glamorous one...

It didn't involve a flash of divine light shooting down from the sky or anything like that.

But it did involve a lot of trying different ads, a lot of pressure to get more clients into my business for my family's sake, and if i'm completely honest with you...

Most of the reason I ended up being able to completely book out my own massage salon in under 6 months and now on track to open up another larger location by the end of the year... a lot due to LUCK!

It all started not long ago when I was put in a bit of a stressful situation where two therapists who were leasing rooms in my gym to see their clients, decided to up and leave with very little warning because their businesses weren't going well...

Which left me in a position where my income suddenly dropped off in a big way.
(Below is a photo of me at our gym where we started our massage business, with some amazing clients)
So instead of get upset about it, I had to do what we all do as business owners when a problem comes up, try fix it fast, for my family's sake.

After asking around to see if anyone I knew wanted to rent out the rooms, two of our gym members who were qualified therapists said they would be keen to work for us if I opened a salon, as they didn't want the risk of paying rent for the rooms.

So, even though I had never run a massage salon before, or been a therapist myself, after thinking about it for a bit, I agreed.

After all, for the last 4 years I had already been successfully using online ads successfully to fill up our gym as well as bring in clients for other businesses.
So we got the rooms all set up and I started testing out massage ads.
The first few weeks in business weren't good at all as the massage ads I tested didn't work very well, which meant unfortunately I wasted a lot of money. I even started doubting my decision to open my own massage business.

But I kept on trying new ads.
Then I started getting a few winners!

One of the first ads brought in over 350 leads for a special offer, which turned into 251 bookings and 114 long term clients (as you can see in the picture of a screenshot of my ads account below).

And here is another one I have only been testing out that has been running for 4 weeks that has 131 leads which have converted into 110 bookings.
So what was my secret to getting these ads to work so well and go from 0 to 75 appointments per week in under 6 months?

...(Especially since I had never stepped foot into a massage salon before I opened one.)
Well there were actually a few secrets that I uncovered along the way to this point of figuring out how to get an unlimited flow of new bookings.

I mean there must be over 50 established salons, or therapists working for themselves in a 5 mile radius of where my business is, and there are places closing down every month due to too much competition and not enough bookings to pay their overheads and wages, yet I was able to basically turn on a tap and fill up my teams calendar in a few months (even though I don't even have sign on the outside of my building promoting it).

As I sat in front of my computer trying to crack the code with these ads, I had the idea to go back and look through all the 320 campaigns I had run over the last 5 years for my own and other people's businesses (across 20 different industries) with my ad agency and try to answer one glaring question I had:
"What did all the most PROFITABLE ads have in common???"

"And what were the unsuccessful ones doing wrong?"

I eventually figured out patterns!!

Which I turned into unique templates which enable me to now continuously create never seen before massage online advertising campaigns that provide my massage business with a never ending flow of premium quality bookings!
(Below is part of our now very busy team at the salon - Catherine, Swati and Elaine)
Note: Since I first wrote this page we have continued to grow... into 7 team members (6 therapists)...
All the way up to 12 team members (10 therapists)... and opened a new 7 treatment room facility that we book our team out every week, at times doing over 200 appointments per week.
And now I am offering to share my massage advertising and marketing templates to one therapist per town or area to use for themselves.
It's all included as part of my 'MASSAGE THERAPIST SUCCESS ACADEMY' Program.
Unlike marketing courses you don't have to spend 100 hours learning everything about marketing. You literally just copy and paste my ads and we walk you through step by step how to get them working.

...And unlike hiring expensive marketing agencies to do it for you, you won't have to pay thousands per month on fees.

I have clients for my marketing agency in some industries like real estate and home renovations that pay me $6800 a month to run their ad and deliver them leads.

I know that is out of the price range for those who don't have large companies, that is why I wanted to create this course that is affordable for any therapist/salon or clinic.
With my system even a therapist working from home can make upwards of $2,000 per week within 6 months.

A salon or clinic with multiple therapists can do much more than that.

So for $29.99 per week with a $1 trial it is a 'no-brainer' bargain.

And there's even a money back guarantee with a full refund if it doesn't work as expected.
Some more therapists who have already joined and are getting amazing results are:

With my massage ads Randi from Wisconsin who does deep tissue and relaxation massage, had these results after a few days...
Karl from Melbourne who does deep tissue and sports massage, got these results from his first week in the program using my ads.
Natasha from the UK got 7 new bookings and 6 more people interested in her service one day after posting the ad I gave her in day 1 of the 7-day program.
April from Maine has been getting an incredible amount of bookings only literally a couple days after joining the program. She has had to switch off her ads after less than a week due to being booked out 6 weeks ahead.
Mark, a sports massage therapist from Dublin Ireland has so far got 47 leads for less than $1 each. This is a screenshot inside his ads account.
But why am I sharing this information?
For 3 Main Reasons:

1. First of all I'm not sharing it with anyone in or near my city, so I won't be competing with myself.

2. We are in a pretty small town with 100,000 residents and aren't looking to expand into other areas due to having a young family and I don't want to be away all the time - so why not share what I have learned?

3. As I mentioned before I have a marketing agency where I have been helping other larger businesses bring in clients for the last few years, and I want to help the smaller businesses who need more income the most, such as massage therapists.

See you on the inside! :) 


(Details on how to join are below.)
What Is Included In The 'Massage Therapist Success Academy':
✅ Copy and paste my exact highly profitable massage ad (which in under 6 months helped my salon grow to an average of 75 bookings per week), to deliver bookings to you or your salon or clinic.

Receive tried and tested new marketing methods every month including new online ad templates to copy and use to keep your calendar full (as each ad will only work for around 3-4 weeks until the audience in your area sees your ad over again.)

✅ Ongoing help and technical assistance inside our private online group, with group Zoom calls for any problems that come up throughout the process of building your client base.

BONUS 1: My exact systems and scripts for booking clients in, reducing no-shows, and getting maximum rebookings.

✅ BONUS 2: Copy & paste done-for-you daily social media posts to save you time and take the worry out of figuring what you are going to post on your pages for the day.

✅ BONUS 3: Copy and paste weekly value-focused customer weekly emails to keep contact with your database without the stress of figuring out what you are going to write.

BONUS 4: How to get a flood of 5 star reviews to make your business the easy choice when a local customer is looking around at massage businesses to choose from.

✅ BONUS 5: How to increase your prices without annoying your clients, so you can increase your longevity in the industry by doing less sessions each week and getting paid the same.

✅ BONUS 6: How to set up massage membership programs so you can get paid each month consistently.

✅ BONUS 7: Full step by step training on how we get our business to rank at the top of Google searches.

✅ BONUS 8: 14 Customer service secrets that we use in our salon to have our clients tell their friends and family about us...
And many more modules that are added each month - including updates related to all of the changes that happen with running ads on the social media platforms every week...
PLUS if you own or have the intention to own business with staff there are many more modules in the Massage Business Academy program that will make your life easier by copying our systems, ads and documents, such as...

✅ How to effectively hire other great therapists and build a team to create more freedom and alow you to generate more income while working less.

✅ Use my salons professional business systems that will allow you to add staff and get them to do what you want with the least possible stress.
It is important to note that we can only allow one therapist or salon/clinic per area to have access to these ads so whoever has them will have a huge competitive advantage over other therapists in the area and won't have to compete with other salons.

Whoever gets in first will be able to get clients easily in their area and will have marketing so advanced and effective that they will probably end up taking clients from other therapists, salons and clinics.
***NOTE: This is not a 'Get Rich Quick' scheme. While alot of our members have bookings coming in within a few days of registering, it takes time to build a great business and work through the process of getting proficient at booking clients in, getting them to show up, delivering great massages for you clients, and then rebooking them. 

Some therapists are already experienced in alot of these areas before joining, while some need to get more experience with certain aspects to having a successful massage business.

For that reason this is expected to be a 6-12 month program, which is enough time to get fully booked out at full price or even hire other therapists and book them out so you can have more freedom and income.

Regular Price: $29.99 per week (cancel any time if you find the program doesn't live up to your expectations)
Note: Due to the better than expected results of Academy members I'm planning on increasing prices for new members soon. (Membership prices never increase for existing members)
Today's 7 Day Trial Price: Payment Of $1

And to remove all risk I am offering a full guarantee that if you don't get AT LEAST 7 new massage bookings from the $1 trial within the first 7 days of turning your ad on then we will give your money back PLUS $100 for wasting your time!!

To take advantage of this offer use the order form below to register while it is still available.
**Please only join if you are serious about growing your business over the next 6-12 months, and have time to commit to start this week and work on the program over the next 7 days.
7 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don't get at least 7 new bookings within the first 7 days from turning your ad on, your $1 trial payment will be refunded + $100.
Enter your details below to claim your trial.

Secure Payment

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Here Are Some MORE Results From Members Of The Program

These therapists are from all different locations and countries (US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and more) and perform all types of massage modalities.
And Even More Results From Members:
If You're Still Reading...
...Then you must be interested in getting more bookings and growing your business... so I'm just going to be direct with you.

This program is a game changer for massage therapists who want to have a long term career in the industry and become the well known go-to therapist in their area.

If you're anything like I was when I opened my first business 5 years ago, you've probably realised by now that due to a lot of factors such as massage chains popping up everywhere, a wave of new therapists getting qualified every few months, through to ever changing online marketing methods - succeeding in this industry can be a lot harder than you originally thought... 

I understand first hand the courage that it takes to make a leap to start a new career working for ourselves, or starting a new business. We do it for many reasons - from wanting to help people, to provide for our family and have more freedom, but all these good intentions count for nothing if you can't keep your doors open and make a great living out of massage.

And to do this you have to learn skills such as:
- online marketing, 
- social media, 
- sales & re-bookings, 
- how to reduce no-shows, 
- connecting with other businesses, 
- delivering great customer service, 
- choosing the right business software, 
- finances, 
- building systems, 
- leadership & handling staff, and more...
And it's unfair, but the fact is that therapists aren't taught nearly enough about these when they study for their massage qualifications. 

And that is why I created the Massage Therapist Success Academy!
It took me 5 years, hundreds of failures, many lessons and a small fortune invested in the worlds best mentors & coaches to learn what I have put together in this academy which therapists can get for a few dollars.

All successful business owners I know all invest in mentors and programs to shortcut their journey to their goals.

And I know for a fact that the standard massage industry gurus and coaches charge upwards of $5,000 up front for their programs!! With no money back guarantee!!
So I know without a doubt that what I'm offering is a STEAL.

Especially with the $1, 7-day trial period with the course!
But I want to be clear... this not a get rich quick scheme... although it is a shortcut. But it will only work for those who want to be the best and are willing to invest in themselves. 

If you want to win at business, there isn't a program that comes close.

Join today and have the great career helping others feel better and that also provides for your family.


- Kurt

P.s. If you are doing the maths to see if this is worth it, after the $1 trial the regular investment of $29.99 per week works out to around $4 per day (less than the price of a coffee!). 

Members only need to gain 2 new regular clients for the program to make it worthwhile investment. And with new members of this course getting at least 15 new clients in the FIRST WEEK alone this is a no-brainer deal!!

P.p.s. If you are thinking about putting it off to join, there are 3 reasons to not put it off a single day longer:

1. There is only one therapist/business allowed to join per area, and with 2-3 therapists joining each day your location could be taken at any day. (Once you are in I will find out your town/area and if it is taken already I will refund your money right away.)

2. Apart from missing out on the knowledge of how to easily get clients whenever you want them, the business who has access to these methods in the program will have marketing so powerful that they will potentially take clients from other therapists in the area. 

3. I'm looking to put the price up for new members soon.
Here Are The Next Steps:
Step 1:
Use the button below to claim your special offer of $1 for the first 7 days while the offer is still available.
Step 2:
Once your order is completed, on the next page you will be directed to your links to access the first block of modules inside the Massage Therapist Success Academy including the '7 New Massage Clients In 7 Days' social media ads program.
Step 3:
By following the program, implementing the lessons inside the Success Academy, and getting support from myself and others inside the private online group, you can expect a constant flow of new clients and also be able to successfully build a professional massage business that has the potential to generate $50k-$100k per year of income depending on how many sessions per week you choose to perform.
Step 4:
Continue learning from regular new training modules and lessons from other top massage professionals on how to keep improving your business, from delivering better results for your clients, to increasing your income and having more freedom... all for $29.99 per week after the $1 7-day trial. Cancel any time before or after the trial if it doesn't live up to the promises with no lock in time-frame.

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